About Us

[one_half]I spent years and years of stressful work, and today I wonder why.

for the money? I do not have facts.

to find solutions to the why of life? found few compared to today’s needs.

I have close relationships? many and many and very good, but they also lost, burned by this senseless carousel.

what you want is time you change your mind, with the years and with age……

so I decided: I license professional fisherman on the lake and open a B&B, it is better to return to live day by day and to meet people often funny, always polite, sometimes some really unique…. . and then see how it goes, at worst there is no stress.

certainly here we offer especially calm and serenity, everything else falls into place.

Thanks to all those who decide to stay with us but thanks to those who ask us simply information.


If you want to contact us, you can choose between the following possibilities:

  • you can complete the information form that you will find in our web-site
  • you can send us an e-mail at: info@bbpescatore.itĀ  we will do our best to answer in a short while
  • you can also call us at mobile phone number 0039 371 4142898
  • home telephone numberĀ 0039 30 6385964



Are the historic centers of cities or villages Italians, are charming residences or design, ancient villas or country houses in the countryside bed and breakfasts offer a Italian size more intimate and friendly hospitality that for years now has won the hearts of even the most aware and informed.
The Bed and Breakfast has proved a winning choice for those who decided to use this mode to get in touch with the beauty of the country and the hospitality of its people, those who choose to stay in B & B appreciates the added value of family hospitality and saving.
The B & B also produces wealth, employs thousands of people, brings to life the historical centers and is a comparable alternative to hotel accommodation. E ‘for this reason that the number of B & B in Italy is constantly growing and that the number of people who choose the B & B in the course of a journey also increases in times of crisis.
The positive trend is also about the B & B Italians who, over the years, have greatly improved their standards without detract from the quality / price ratio that has contributed greatly to reposition on the market this form of Stays.
Widely circulated on the whole Italian territory, the B & B interpret a different need and more staff to travel.
The B & B is an excellent opportunity to experience the hospitality and celebrate Italian regional managers together a formula of accommodation with endless variations.
Diversification is in fact one of the pillars of the success of Italian B & Bs.


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