Iseo Lake

Iseo Lake or Sebino is the fourth largest lake in Lombardy and the sixth in Italy.

It is located at 185 m. of height above sea level and its surface is 61 sq km.

The maximum width is 2.4 km, the perimeter about 65 km.

The lake between Monte Isola and Tavernola reaches its maximum depth, 256 m.

It belongs to the group of large lakes of glacial origin and is formed by the Oglio river which flows from the Gavia Pass, runs through the Camonica Valley, enters the lake in the municipality of Costa Volpino and exits between Paratico and Sarnico.
In the center of the lake is Monte Isola, the largest inhabited island of the European lakes, which reaches 600 m. above sea level and is characterized by a typically Mediterranean vegetation that is also found in the beautiful gardens of the two small islands (privately owned) of Loreto and S. Paolo that flank it to the north and south.

The climate is particularly suitable for relaxing holidays.
The temperature reaches an average of 26-27 degrees in the summer months.
During the night the mountain breeze called “Vèt” blows from the Camonica Valley towards the lake.
In the afternoon, from the plain, the “Ora” echoes it in the opposite direction.

The surface water temperature in June and September is around 18-19 degrees, 20-22 degrees in July and August.

The main centers are: Iseo, Lovere, Pisogne, Sarnico.

The lakeside towns are connected to each other with the scheduled transport service of the “Navigazione Lago d’Iseo” which also offers special summer cruises. (

Water tours are also offered by Barcaioli Monteisola Service (