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There are special places, small treasures where nature, history and industriousness of man have produced an alchemy of extraordinary effect, a kaleidoscope of landscapes, colours and architecture that appeal to the most diverse sensibilities.

This is what happens in the territory of Lake Iseo and Franciacorta, an extraordinary environment in the province of Brescia, in the heart of Lombardy, which presents itself before our eyes fascinate.

There are all the ingredients you could wish for:
the calm majesty of Lake, blue water surface made magical by the reflection of the Alps on its surface, the high mountains, solemn at times savage at times softened by natural terraces and meadows.

The bogs, where the lake meets the land, the kingdom of many animal species to be admired in their cyclical rhythms of life that can be discovered with guided tours of extraordinary interest.

The river Oglio, which in its slow and old passing has witnessed countless events of nature and of multiple human affairs.

The hills and relaxing tempting to rest and to discover a new world, even with bike paths.
Gentle undulations designed by long rows of vines, pride and passion of the people and local entrepreneurs, who are part of the ancient and stately homes or more rustic farms where the grapes are transformed, with full attention, harmonious taste in fine wines.

Pearl in this box the wine region of Franciacorta wine whose vocation has evolved to achieve ambitious goals and international prestige.

The hot summer sun invites to fun, to bathing in the lake and in the numerous pools beaches and theme parks, the winds that blow regularly on daily Sebino invite to experience the thrill of surfing and the thrill of sailing, revealing glimpses landscaped always surprising.

Gracious countries bordering on the shores around the lake, intrigue and retain the characteristic angles and old houses.

At the centre of the lake stands the imposing Monte Isola, the largest inhabited lake island in Europe.
The major towns are rich in history and offer opportunities for fun and shopping for all ages.
In every season are programmed Reviews cultural events, music, folklore, gastronomic and sports.

The slopes of the mountains at the crown of the lake basin are scattered rural villages and country churches, in a setting of meadows, forests and terraced fields where stand the expanses of wheat and olive trees.

The roads are modern and sliding unfold in a peaceful site allowing the eyes to relax around and through villages with medieval forts and elegant villas, churches and churches of great artistic value.

Solitary and imposing meet the monasteries where centuries ago the industrious monks has shaped the territory.
For prestigious hotels or family-run farms are added and bed and breakfast with an impressive range of accommodation for the number of beds and quality.

For lovers of outdoor holiday in campgrounds and resorts overlook the lake.

Restaurants and taverns propose from the kitchen of chefs to the typical dishes of the area, with the recovery of ancient recipes.

II Lago d’Iseo and Franciacorta are that and much more……

Will discover a real surprise!

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