Wine and Gastronomy of Franciacorta


Big surprises await those who want to discover the flavors of the cuisine and local products.
The territory satisfies every need, combining the gastronomic tradition to new ideas and interpretations with an overall result of great quality and variety.

Agriculture and livestock are still an important economic sector.
The discovery of ancient water mills and the constant presence of polenta in the power of the basis of time testify to the importance of the cultivation of corn, today re-launched with the production of flour typical of Castegnato.

Exceptional wine production: the brands are synonymous Franciacorta recognized and certified high quality thanks to the rigorous methods of selection of the grapes and wine making.
In recent years we have witnessed the development of a growing wine tourism and the tourists populate the path of the “Strada del Vino Franciacorta” that touches many euro area countries, also rich in terms of historical, artistic, and leads to the discovery of renowned wineries. To visit some museums on the territory agricultural and wine, to retrace the history of wine-making.

Although oil production is becoming increasingly important, particularly practised in the area of the lake has important awards such as the DOP.
The cattle and sheep, especially at high altitude, leading to the production of butter and numerous varieties of cheeses among which the Silter camuno-sebino and Casolet of huts and Marone Zone.

The number of farms also raise other animals, horses, pigs, poultry, beekeeping and often associating the cultivation of small fruits and vegetables.
The result is a thriving range of food products, including organic: honey, jams and jellies, or simply fresh fruits, meats of various kinds: from salami and is to report to Monte Isola produced mainly in the village of Cure and characterised by a slight hint of smoked hams to the traditional hunters and bacon.

Typical also the chestnut harvest with the sale of fresh fruits, dried or processed into flour for cakes in delicious.
In addition to the products of the land and the lake offers many varieties of fish: brook trout, bleak, whitefish, eel, tench are the main, but do not miss the rare lake trout, pike the fierce, the rare freshwater crayfish.

A special treatment is performed for rudd, chub and shad, the characteristic “sardine lake”, which are then dried in the sun before put into oil following a centuries-old tradition that began when the protein requirement could not dispose of refrigerators and freezers.

Restaurants, taverns and farms in truly exceptional measure towards the area offer some of the first dishes soups, fresh pasta and tasty tripe. Among the latter we mention the beef in oil Rovato, tench filled Clusane, as well as skewers and roasts strictly accompanied by a polenta. Flavored with cheese, too (great toasted hard ones), all accompanied by the DOC and DOCG wines of Franciacorta.
At the conclusion of the desserts, from the most simple facts with a mixture of sugar, eggs, flour and butter, such as Spongada, to the more complex and calories, including the chisöi.

After the meal it was the turn of fine dessert wines and other spirits, young or aged, and sometimes born from the distillation of the same wines of Franciacorta.


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