Our House

Our Bed and Breakfast is housed in a restored portion of the old castle  Oldofredi Iseo, a castle from the 1300 that has seen many periods of  time and had different uses, like being the head of a monastery.

Today the Castle is greatly reduced and, at the beginning of 1900, it had suffered the last heavy overhaul to allow the arrival of the railway to the port.

As a result many of the buildings located in the area have recycled the materials left from the demolition of the castle walls. This is also the case of our Bed and Breakfast wich even lean against the ancient fortified walls that surround the garden.

We are right in the historical center of the town of Iseo, surrounded by a unique garden hard to find right in town. The square is 200 meters, the lake 300 and it’s near the boarding of vessels.

The rooms have been renovated in 2010 and all the facilities are new.

The whole house is reserved for our guests, since we live in a different building.

The garden, along with a terrace and a barbecue are available during every single day of your vacation.

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We have four large bedrooms both double and quadruple, with a private bathroom and shower each.

The House of the Tower Guard is an independent studio apartment derived from one of the corner towers of the castle. It is accessible to people with disabilities.

The Chamber of View  is a double/ quadruple located on the first floor and has a double bed and two single beds, the ideal solution for families.

The House of Garden is on the ground floor, overlooking the garden.

The House of the Fisherman is on a mezzanine floor overlooking the garden. It is  the only one who is in the building of the owners, which are in fact professional fishermen.

The Bed and Breakfast Il Pescatore accept, with a previous agreement, pet of small and medium sizes but at the same time guarantees that animals can only stay in one of the rooms, so that those who suffer from allergies can vacation peacefully. In fact, only one room of the b&b il Pescatore can be used for this purpose.

The entrance to the Bed and Breakfast is independent and guests have access to the rooms at all times (check in from 14:30 to 23.00/check out until 10:30).
In our large kitchen breakfast is served, prepared with care and served in accordance with regional regulations.

The guest can use this common area to his liking during the day.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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